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beetel Basic Caller ID Landline Set (Affordable caller ID Phone) Price: Rs-740/pice

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Original price was: ₹1,650.00.Current price is: ₹740.00.

beetel Basic Caller ID Landline Set


The Beetel Basic Corded Telephone features a 16 digit phone id that is illuminate so you are able to easily read the number of the incoming phone. The phone displays the time date and day and includes other features like a programmable flash and a redial function that enables you to phone the last dialed number with one button. It has a mute button that can be used when you place the phone on hold or when you are talking to someone else. This phone has a 30 incoming phone memory and a 5 outgoing phone memory. The cord phone has a stylish design and comes with a numeric keypad and is suitable for commercial establishments and homes. Key Features: Tone/Pulse Switchable 30 Incoming phone memory 5 Outgoing phone memory Mute button option Redial features is also there Robust Design – phone for those who love durability and excellent performance.

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