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LANBill - Hotspot & PPPoE Billing Software

With 'LANBill'.
Wi-Fi devices are increasing day by day. So, the demand of Wi-Fi internet connection is also increasing accordingly. Hotspot Zone is an ideal solution for Wi-Fi internet connection.

To Become A PDOA (Public Data Office Aggregator)

Public Data Office Aggregator will provide aggregation services such as authorization and accounting to PDOs, thereby facilitating PDOs in providing services to the end consumer.

Price Table

Our Wifi Broadband Plans are

Daily Plan


Per Day

Unlimited Data

Price Rs-5/One Day

Weekly Plan


For 7 Day

Unlimited Data

Price Rs-32/7 Day

Monthly Plan


For 30 Day

Unlimited Data

Price Rs-99/One Month



15 Day

Unlimited Data

Price Rs-50/15 Day



For 180 Day

Unlimited Data

Price Rs-400/180 Day



For 365 Day

Unlimited Data

Price Rs-750/365 Day

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